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Magnetic shielding inductance is the main trend of future development costs increased by only 30%

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In the inductor market, the future focus is magnetically shielded inductors, magnetic glue coating, closed magnetic circuit structure, anti-drop impact, durable, the same size inductor current rating more than 30% of the traditional, widely used in many power mobile phones, flat-panel TVs, set-top boxes, LED lighting, communications equipment. Inductance recently made some progress in the technical aspects of the new, new product features as e-increasing function of the requirements of chip components are increasingly diverse. Although the number of point of view, the chip-based electronic components rate as high as 70% or more, but uneven development, a number of components due process, structure and materials and other reasons, using chips more difficult. Such as a bead inductor structure components, its function is not as an inductor, but the anti-electromagnetic interference, the current chip bead components of the amount has become the largest class of chip inductance components. The design of these new components are electronic components and materials are facing new problems.

Currently, in order to achieve microwave ceramic components, over-current protection components, ceramic components sensitive to magnetic transformers and other components of chip technology, the world in the development of a low-temperature sintering and dielectric properties of microwave-sensitive materials, ceramic materials and the corresponding layers of burning technology.

As electronic products to high-frequency (microwave band) the trend is very strong, such as wireless mobile communications development to 2GHz, Bluetooth 2.4GHz, short-range wireless data exchange system up to 5.8GHz. In addition, more and more high-speed digital circuit products, optical transmission rate of development from 2.5Gbps to 10Gbps. These developments are of a higher electronic components requirements, such as reducing the parasitic inductance, parasitic capacitance and improve the self-resonant frequency, reducing the high frequency ESR, high Q value increase. Made of the use of traditional magnetic inductor, is limited by their material characteristics, can not significantly increase the frequency of use, therefore, ceramic materials have come into being. Almost all of the high-frequency inductors are made of ceramic materials, laminated ceramic inductor current frequency of use has increased from 1GHz to 6GHz more nearby.

It is noteworthy that the inductor in the composite has shown a new trend is also noticeable. Inductor current in the composite, the main technology is the use of LTCC inductor with other active and passive components composite. Trends in product development, composite made of inductors and capacitors filters, couplers, baluns devices, duplexers and other products technology has to mature. In the composite primary inductors and other passive components are made of modular products, the world's major manufacturers have developed a radio frequency module including RF, VCO modules, Bluetooth modules and other products.

Meanwhile, with the chip's development trend of low-voltage high-current, and low power demand of green products, environmental protection, also called peripheral components must have low DC resistance and high withstand current capability. Currently, the laminated inductor current tolerance level from the last century, the milliampere to ampere level, micro-Hang-level inductance laminated products can even replace the wound power inductors.

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