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Original Introduction
INPAQ technology, which is the leading technology of electronic protection components and antenna products, provides diversified choices for computer, communication, consumer and automotive electronic market. In order to enable electronic products to play a more complete and efficient function, INPAQ Technology provides a complete EMI/EMC, over-current and antenna product line. INPAQ maintains a leading position in components and antenna products in Taiwan and has 162 patents.
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Address: 35059 Miaoli County, Zhunan Town, Gongyili 11 Neighboring Keyi Street, 11

Main Product Line
Research, development, manufacture and sale of integrated electronic protection components.
Research, development, manufacture and sale of microwave composite microantennas and modules.
Research, development, manufacture and sale of layered microwave communication components and modules.
Other information
Innovationú║Innovative Design and Creative Thinking
Natureú║ Support Nature, Enterprise Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility
Humanismú║Talent Training and Humanism
Advantagesú║Patent R&D, Global Layout, Customized Service
Qualityú║ Commitment Quality, Continuous Improvement
Room 209, Floor 2, Tower A, Tengfei Industrial Building, No. 6, Taohua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
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